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Atlas Support & Community

Join our community Slack , where you can interact and chat with other Atlas users and Dessa machine learning engineers. We also periodically post things that we find super interesting 😀.

Alternatively, if you need to get in touch with us shoot us an email at

Known Issues

Docker issues when launching a job

This issue can manifest itself at a few different times throughout usage, but always comes with a similar error.

For example: if you have logged in using the gcloud library you may see an error like the following when submitting a job.

docker-credential-gcr not installed or not available in PATH

This is not an issue with Atlas, but one with Docker. Specifically, it is a problem with how Docker has recently started storing credentials and how it interacts with Docker-in-a-Docker.

A temporary fix is to rename, clear, or update ~/.docker/config.json and restart atlas-server. We will update these documents with a supported Docker fix if/when one comes out.